William Rolland Stadium

Home to Kingsmen Football, Kingsmen and Regals Soccer

William Rolland Stadium and Gallery of Fine Art is the newest addition to the athletics complex on north campus. The two-story stadium, completed in fall 2011, has 2,000 fixed seats, an artificial turf field and outdoor sports lighting for football, soccer and intramural matches.

The two-story stadium, which is designed to meet NCAA standards, will have approximately 2,000 fixed seats in the bleacher structure, a permanent artificial turf field and outdoor sports lighting. The facility will include an art gallery, coaches offices, locker rooms, meeting rooms and treatment/taping facilities. Approximately 460 overflow parking spaces will be added to accommodate additional guests at the new facility.

Named for the generous lead donor William Rolland, the stadium will be located on the north side of Olsen Road, west of the Gilbert Sports and Fitness Center.

Included in the 16,000-square-foot facility is the William Rolland Gallery of Fine Art, which houses pieces of bronze statuary, paintings and other items from Bill Rolland's collection.