Kingsmen Battle Hawks in Saturday Matinee

Kingsmen Battle Hawks in Saturday Matinee

OAKLAND, Calif.— The Cal Lutheran Kingsmen fell just short to the Holy Names Hawks, Saturday afternoon, 7-2.  

Doubles competition started off with senior Michael Sulahian and junior Sebastian Ariza, No. three doubles, falling 6-3. Senior Yahn Gawrit and sophomore Isaiah Volk, No. one doubles, fell 6-3.

The Kingsmen did get one win from doubles, junior Jake Haffner and Guillaume Ruaud, No. two, won 6-1. 

Progressing to singles play, the Kingsmen fell short through each series.

Ariza, No. six, fell 6-0 and 6-0; Haffner, No. three, fell 6-0 and 6-2; Ruaud, No. four singles, fell 6-0 and 6-4; and Sulahian, No. five singles, fell 6-1 and 6-4. 

Gawrit, No. one singles, fell 6-3 in match one, but won match two 6-4. His super tie-breaker was close, but Gawrit was victorious 11-9, taking the point for the Kingsmen.

After being asked about his win, Gawrit stated "I thought it was really spectacular.  It was a good match for me." During the off-season, Gawrit practiced hard, "I put a lot of hard work into my game and I'm finally getting good results from it. So, it's been quite a pleasure to see everything coming together so nicely."

Lastly, Volk, No. two singles, fell 7-5 in match one, and winning match two 6-3. In the super tie-breaker, Volk fell just short 10-8.

Head coach, Michael Gennette, stated after the game, "The guys battled hard and had a few good take-aways for next time."

The Cal Lutheran Kingsmen travel to UC Santa Cruz, Sunday, March 17, at 10 AM PST. 

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Release by Kristen Swanson, Sports Information Student Assistant