Visiting Team Info

  1. Athletic Training Rooms:
    1. Gilbert Sports and Fitness Center (GSFC): Located on the bottom floor of the GSFC, room 174 next to the North entrance near the Samuleson Aquatics Center.
      1. All modalities will be available for use by the visiting certified athletic trainer to administer to his/her team. If no certified athletic trainer is traveling with the visiting team, treatment will be administered only with written instructions from their team doctor or certified athletic trainer.
      2. Ice chest with bags and wrap and well as water will be available at both team's benches, dugouts or sidelines prior to the competition and during the entire event.
      3. All supplies must be provided by the visiting team but if the team is traveling without an athletic trainer, taping, wrapping, bandaging and first aid services will be provided by CLU's Athletic Training Staff.
    2. William Rolland Football Stadium: Located on the north end of the football field next to the football locker room.
      1. Visiting football teams will use the men's and women's locker rooms located in the Gilbert Sports and Fitness Center to change prior to game.
      2. Two taping tables will be located outside the locker room for taping.
      3. Ice with bags and wrap as well as water and will be provided prior to the game inside the locker room in the Gilbert Center.
      4. Modalities and treatment are available for visiting football teams but prior notification with CLU's athletic training staff is suggested.
      5. Ice, bags and wrap as well as water will be provided on the visitor's sideline.
      6. Water and ice will be provided during halftime in the visiting team room.
  2. Athletic Training Supplies and Emergency Equipment:
    • All visiting teams will need to bring their own taping supplies. Ice, cups and or water bottles will be provided by the CLU athletic training staff. CLU will remove any biohazardous materials after the competition.
    • Emergency equipment: AED, splints, crutches, stretchers and other emergency equipment will be provided by the CLU athletic training staff.
    • All CLU home football games will have EMS and or ambulance service at the entire event.
  3. Medical Personnel:
    • A certified athletic trainer will be present at all competitions with the exception of golf. A team physician and ambulance services will be on site at all home football games and on call for all other home events. Please let the CLU athletic training staff know in advance if an athletic trainer will not be traveling with visiting teams so that we can ensure adequate coverage for the team. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to help make your experience at CLU easier.
  4. CLU Athletic Training Staff: